About Us

As fellow British Actresses in the Albuquerque theatre and film community, Colleen McClure and Jessica Osbourne’s fates were sealed. They had seen shows that each had appeared in, and through mutual respect, a connection was made. Colleen was directed by Jessica in “Mothers and Sons”, a play by Terrence McNally in February 2015 at the Aux Dog Theatre in Albuquerque. Colleen was keen to bring more U.K. plays to Albuquerque, to make films and to create a company. She came up with the company’s name West End Productions because of her love of the theatre district in London. Sharing her ideas with Jessica over coffee and fish and chips, they recognized mutual goals and aspirations. West End Productions was founded in the chilly month of December 2015. Colleen directed Jessica in “Shirley Valentine” a play by Willy Russell to debut in February of 2016. They have now been focusing on building the company and are looking forward to season of 2017!